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Potato pancakes with apple sauce

JAN 08 @ 14:35

by jutta73

After receiving much advice from other forumers, I finally made potato pancakes again after many failed experiments. These were delicious. I quickly learnt to not be shy with the oil in the frypan. I made the apple sauce from scratch using the recipe from The Naked Chef.

Miss 3 year old, 'The Fussy', stated at first glance 'yuck' but we convinced her to try a little bite and she did and she loved them.

Miss 18 month old, 'eats anything, and especially loves potatoes' would not eat the potato pancakes. Quite a surprise.

Will be making this again, just not too often, not great for the waistline!

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JAN 08 @ 16:59

by runneralps

mmm lovely  dish...may i have the recipe plz?

JAN 08 @ 19:12

by CarolineB

My mouth is watering. I love Kartoffelpuffer. You did a great job, they look gorgeous! thumbsup

JAN 09 @ 01:39

by JoyYamDaisy

Just the thing for a cold day! I am just imagining how good the house smells when these have been frying!

JAN 09 @ 14:53

by jutta73

runneralps, lots of recipes on the thread

http://www.jamieoliver.com/forum/viewto … 45&p=3

but I mostly used SusanneH method and the recipe I had in my files from:

http://recipesbycindy.homestead.com/Kar … uffer.html

Was really easy to make grating the potato and onion in my Magimix. Well worth the effort to make, these little beauties! wave

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