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Stone's Green Ginger Wine Cookery Challenge

JAN 11 @ 05:30

by JulieR4u2

I feel strong about this underrated drink and potentially enormous ingredient, instead of grape wine in your cookery. I think we as a like-minded group of cooks should explore the world of this fine little English drop. Its uses are endless, both sweet and savoury, particularly in Asian dishes. How does everyone feel about a challenge like this one. Could we revive, such an English drink hero, particularly suiting all of you chilling out in Europe. Warm up your cockle shells with it. It isn't very expensive either. That is why, it was a blast from the past for me, as a young drinker, it and wipeout were always the cheapest, and nicest. Let's cook a a Green Ginger wine storm.

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JAN 11 @ 09:26

by JoyYamDaisy

This brings back my teenage years Julie! Ah nostalgia!wave

JAN 11 @ 11:08

by JulieR4u2

What do you reckon? We should have a challenge. Think ginger. What flavours of the world need ginger in it. Especially things that call for Brandy or something. Does it need the alcohol burned off? It really is a top drop.

JAN 11 @ 22:17

by mr spice

My favourite Christmas drink along with a shot of whiskythumbsup
I've never cooked with it but I did bring back a non-alcoholic cordial last time I went to England.
I'd love to find a good use for itbig_smile

JAN 12 @ 03:17

by JulieR4u2

Well let's all get cooking with it! There has to be a million.

JAN 12 @ 13:54

by minerva

Use it for cooking all the time...........very good in marinades too, & cracking as a change from Crepes Suzette (Plums & a sloosh of the red label is very good indeed). Cassroles/stews can do with a squirt, esp when using root veg!

For a much stronger (rawer?) ginger flavour buy "Crabbies" ginger wine (it's from Scotland, rather than from that softie London place!!!)

JAN 12 @ 20:48

by JulieR4u2

Don't know if we can get crabbies here in Oz. Sound's like something we would find down in the Croc swamps. LOL! But when I get back from Holidays in Noosa, I will do some serious cooking with  a bottle and get the snaps loaded up.

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