Jamie Oliver

Petit Pois

JAN 28 @ 15:53

by Kye

à la française

* 500 gr smalll peas
* 2 hearts of lettuce
* 1 dozen small onions  or 4 onions
* 100 gr of butter
* Parsley
* Chervil
* Chives
* 1 branch of thyme
* i tsp sugar

and a few lardons...
and a little cream....

and it's a delice little dish

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JAN 28 @ 16:41

by Danny

Hi K

Sometimes the most simple dishes are often the best...


JAN 29 @ 00:47

by JoyYamDaisy

I can understand why the French Court went crazy about peas. I would love a big plateful of these!smile

JAN 29 @ 10:18

by Kye


Joy, when they did go crazy i collected all their recipes together along with Grimod de La Reynière in 1800 and somethinglol

Grimod at the time made a statement:  'no one can say that peas aren't the best vegetable eaten in Paris'....clever manlolwave

JAN 29 @ 12:25

by JoyYamDaisy


JAN 29 @ 17:07

by madamada

how to take jewels from the earth to the table making them shinythumbsupthumbsupthumbsup
they must be delish

JAN 30 @ 23:26

by Kye


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