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My brother's work

FEB 01 @ 15:36

by bcrain

Check it out! My brother did the music/sound fx/foley ed./re-recording mixer for this project. This was a class project... but it's on you tube now.

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FEB 02 @ 03:53

by JoyYamDaisy

That was cool bcrain. I didn't think I would watch it all, but I got interested. And it was just beautiful photography!

FEB 03 @ 03:00

by bcrain

Thank you Joy! It was nice of you to comment... I thought the same thing but I did watch it all, mind you I was listening to all the sound effects, lol! My bro is so cool!big_smile

FEB 20 @ 11:28

by alexchef

me encanta lo que hago la verdad, aparte tengo un blog de cocina por si lo quieres ver:http://miseaupointcuisine.blogspot.com

un saludo


APR 02 @ 19:02

by bcrain

Sorry, can someone please translate? Thank you!

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