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Rolex 24

FEB 08 @ 22:52

by YaDa Chef

We spent 24 straight hours cooking for the Starworks Motorsport (http://www.grand-am.com/teams/team.cfm? … p;tid=1807) team recently in Daytona Beach Florida for the Rolex 24.  It was truly one of the most difficult yet most enjoyable jobs we have ever done. 

I want everyone to try to imagine driving for four (4) hours, then setting up a mobile kitchen outdoors surrounded by a racetrack.  The sound of screaming motors was never ending as was the cooking.  It was our job to provide lunch, dinner, 2am snack, breakfast, lunch and 24 hours of on going pasta service to the drivers and the pit crew of the Starworks Motorsports racing team. 

The YaDa Chef team was two people strong.  We drank plenty of coffee to keep us awake as well as keep us warm.  You may think that since we were in Florida that would not be an issue.  Temperatures dropped to a very cold 29F due to a cold front that passed through along with a rain storm just in time for the race.

Our biggest challenge was to cook the food and then keep it warm as we walked 1/2 mile from our "camp" to the pit on the race track.  All in all we did a fantastic job serving food that was good and good for the drivers along with being gluten-free.  We started with Asian Turkey Burgers served with Wasabi May, Asian Pickled Cucumbers and our signature MM Potato Salad.  Next up was Chicken Piccata, then Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.  Breakfast was Fresh Fruit, and assorted Danish's along with Turkey Sausage Breakfast Burritos.  Aged Angus 10 ounce steaks with Mediterranean Pasta Salad was the last lunch.  Remember we kept pasta with a fresh Tomato, Basil and Rosemary Marinara going for the 24 hours.  The ongoing pasta was served every hour on the hour to the drivers just before and after it was time for them to jump into the driver's seat.   They needed to keep up their energy they were expending driving at close to 200 miles per hour around the track.

YaDa Chef is really excited that we will once again be part of the team next month in Homestead Florida.  We are also glad it is not a 24 hour race, but it will be a two day event.

Check out some photos of Joseph and Anthony along with the team's car http://blogs.yadachef.com/2010/02/dayto … sport.html

In the mean time this weekend we will be part of Fire Power Seminars firepowerseminars.com.  I will be sure to let everone know how that went.

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