Jamie Oliver

Gluten free

FEB 20 @ 17:10

by bcrain

My mother in law brought these over and thought everyone here... I'm seeing much more food items that have gluten free on the packaging.

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FEB 20 @ 18:44

by oliviascotland

It makes life much easier for those of us who have to cook g-f (although I still always check the ingredients!) big_smile

FEB 22 @ 06:17

by The White Rabbit

Ah yes, but you have to be careful of the things that have "GLUTEN FREE" on the front and on the back have "produced on machinery that processes wheat" or a gluten containing ingredient on the back.

FEB 23 @ 03:39

by bcrain

Should look next time... CFIA may be different from other countries rules and regulations though... but I do know what you are saying, "always read the fine print", I guess you really have to.hmm

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