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Walking on Fire and More

MAR 02 @ 20:10

by YaDa Chef

It was the weekend of February 14, 2010.  Three of us from YaDa Chef attended the Fire Power Seminar in Davie Florida.  It was not Bryan's (Da) or Joseph's (Ya) first time.  It was Anthony's (I call him Ya jr.). It was an eye opening experience for Anthony and he can not wait to attend the next one on April 10, 2010.  This time he wants to break through a concrete brick.  Yes it is possible I have done it.

Bryan and I have been going since meeting Karen, the Director of Corporate Events, two years ago at an Meeting Professionals International Meeting.  We were immediately intrigued about the possibility of walking on 1200F/648.8C degree hot coals.  Bryan and I attended the first seminar and have never looked back.  We were up for hours following the seminar astounded by the fact we did not even have a blister, that we broke boards with our hands, walked on broken glass, and that is not all. 

YaDa Chef is now the official caterer for the Florida Empowering Seminars.  We provide healthy snacks to the groups.  One time we provided Asian Turkey Burgers served with a wasabi mayonaise, Asian Pickled Cucumbers and our signature MM Potato salad with YaDa's House made Vegan Chocolate Sorbet. 

This is what the seminars are all about.
Uncover Your True Potential!

Fire Power Seminars offer empowerment, both personal and professional, team building, communication, sales training and firewalking.

Identify and break limiting patterns, build camaraderie and expand how your team faces fear, change, uncertainty and doubt through challenging activities developed to move them beyond their comfort zones and into their power:

Board Breaking
Glass Walking
Arrow Breaking
Steel Rebar Bending
Brick Breaking
Equine Assisted Learning
Firewalking (the ultimate challenge!)

Check out Fire Power Seminars website for more information and enjoy the video of me breaking through a major obstacle in my life...along with a brick.

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