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My pasta

MAR 04 @ 17:41

by jaseelnino

Well I'm a blog virgin and this is my first blog.

I got a pasta maker today for my birthday and here's a picture of my first pasta. Being a man, I didn't read much on what to do or how to make it because I was so excited and wanted to make it in a hurry so it turned out a bit rubbery, but hey, pratice makes perfect. I'll have to read up about it and have a look at a couple of videos or something.

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MAR 04 @ 17:45

by oliviascotland

It's looking good thumbsup  I find the best way (as taught by Recipease) is to take 200g of tipo 00 flour, make a well in the centre, break in 2 eggs, then break the yolks with a fork, and slowly incorporate the flour into the egg until it's like crumble.  Then ditch the fork and mix with your hands to form a ball (don't worry about all those little bits left in the bottom of the bowl!).  Knead until smooth, wrap in cling-film and put in the fridge for 10 - 30 mins, then roll out thumbsup

MAR 04 @ 18:20

by mr spice

Welcome to blogworld Jasewave and happy birthday...
Your pasta looks good, I normally find it almost melts in your mouth when you get it right...maybe it's time for me to invest in a pasta machinebig_smile

MAR 04 @ 19:09

by MsK

Looks so professional! big_smile and well done on the blog! expect some more soon on your pasta making adventures!! wave

MAR 04 @ 19:26

by jutta73

Are you using 00 flour and kneading until silky smooth?

MAR 04 @ 20:35

by madamada

bravoooo and happy birthdaythumbsupbig_smilewavewave

MAR 04 @ 21:20

by jaseelnino

Yeah I used 00 flour, didn't knead it for too long. I was too excited. My wife and kids thought it was grand.

MAR 04 @ 22:08

by JoyYamDaisy

My first lot was a bit rubbery too, next time I kneaded it more and rolled it thinner and it was better. Time to try again for perfection!smile

MAR 05 @ 13:02


Well done Jase. Keep up the good work.  smile

MAR 05 @ 14:41

by Kye


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