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More homemade pasta

MAR 09 @ 17:34

by jaseelnino

Here's more pasta I made. It still wasn't right. But better than last time. I suppose I'll get it right if I keep trying. I wish Jamie had Recipease over here or even if there was a place like it here. Can't seem to find a place on the net.

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MAR 09 @ 17:47

by madamada

bravoooooooo it looks greatbig_smilewave

MAR 09 @ 18:07

by MsK

I found this one in dublin on google...maybe its nice?

http://www.flavourofitaly.ie/SchoolOfCo … ;idData=75

MAR 09 @ 18:12

by MsK

Looks good though. I'm also still practising to make fresh pasta. It's so much fun I think.

MAR 09 @ 20:54

by mr spice

It looks great.
What's "not right" about it?
My tip.
Make it as often as you can but only change one thing at a time until you get the recipe you like.
Main thing, keep tryingthumbsup

MAR 09 @ 21:00

by jaseelnino

Thanks MsK, you're great.

It was still a little bit rubbery Mr Spice. Maybe I didn't knead it enough. I'm out of 00 flour now and will have to go into the city to get some. My supermarket doesn't sell it.

MAR 09 @ 21:02

by MsK

If i see above picture, think you don't need a lesson.. wink (also thought the lessons where quite expensive on the websites i found...but on the other hand it will last a life time!)
Think your pasta already looks wonderful!

MAR 09 @ 21:12

by jaseelnino

Thanks MsK. In Recipease it's like 25 pound for a 2 hour lesson and you get to eat it with a glass of wine after. That's great, it's nearly worth a day trip to London.

MAR 09 @ 21:20

by MsK

I think it is worth a trip to london!! big_smile book a flight NOW!
I did cooking course (4 evenings)not too long ago, every time you would cook a pre-dinner snack, starter, main and desert and you also got to eat it after you where finished cooking with wine and drinks...that was 50euro per evening, about 4 hours cooking/eating..and worth every penny...big_smile
We also did some pasta making..i do not own a machine, but when i do..i am not going to buy dried pasta anymore...it was the best i've tasted in my life..even better than what i had in Italy... must be the love you put in while kneading!!

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