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Eating at the table..

MAR 12 @ 08:01

by klmleung

My mom came to London to visit my brother and I, to see how we were doing. She cooked dinner nearly everyday when she was here, and we sat at the table and ate. It just nostalgic really - eating my mom's home-cooked meal at the table. At least one vege dish, and she do know how to vary it so that it will not be boring. Her braise pork belly.. stir-fries.. stews.. oh so heavenly! It reminded me of the high-school days back home.. fun times..

People always say mom's cooking is best, and it's true. I love you, mom smile

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MAR 12 @ 09:58

by DebDiMaggio

it is the best. And  sitting at the table is such a good habbit to have, it's very important. I hope you'll share some of your mum recipes. big_smile

MAR 12 @ 14:57

by JoyYamDaisy

A lovely start to your blog. Happy family meals are very precious!smile

MAR 12 @ 17:27

by michael_toa

Yes, mom's cooking is best indeed.
yum. I love pork belly.. smile

MAR 13 @ 08:35

by klmleung

Totally agree smile I will post some recipes soon to share with everyone wink

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