Jamie Oliver

Looking UP!

MAR 12 @ 12:09

by AudioCoffee

Well, after a dire end to last year and a fairly bad start to this year, yeah - things are definitely looking more and more positive - meaning that finally, I can combine a few elements together to get something seriously started big_smile

For some curious reason, I felt compelled to opt for training in one of three local catering establishments that offer catering training - the hours don't seem bad, I just hope that my renewed enthusiasm towards cooking is enough to allow them to take me on big_smile
I might be lazy at home, but... I know that when I cook, people really enjoy it and often scream at me for seconds lol
Like on Wednesday. I did liver & onion gravy with mashed potato for my mother - she loved it! What was an even bigger shock was that her cat (the loveable rogue Psychokitty) also enjoyed it too - and that cat is a FUSSY eater! Well, if the cat ate it (nearly taking my hand off!! lol ) and my mother absolutely loved it and my non-liver-loving daughter was curious that it smelt nice whatever it was I'd cooked (and she's hard to please too) then I'm definitely not doing myself any favours by not doing training and not possibly introducing great food to a wider 'audience'.
I've even got as far as planning on taking something hot and freshly made if/as/when I get an interview as I know full well if I took a batch of freshly made cheese straws - I'd have a hard job getting them all out again - can't believe they're so popular around here!

As for the music? well, that too is going really well... no complaints there big_smile

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