Jamie Oliver

My new notepad

MAR 12 @ 12:32

by jaseelnino

I went out to buy myself a little notepad to put some recipes in it that I have lying around. Just thought I'd share it with everybody.

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MAR 12 @ 13:40

by MsK

It looks a bit like a door, the ones they have in india...LOVELY!

MAR 12 @ 13:58

by Kye

It looks like leather and homemadebig_smilewave

MAR 12 @ 14:54

by JoyYamDaisy

It is beautiful! You will love looking through it for your recipes!smile

MAR 12 @ 16:12

by DebDiMaggio

it's very "hemmingwaysish" manly for sure. big_smile

MAR 12 @ 17:49

by madamada

prestigioso and mysterious ............ I hope you'll keep sharing your recipes once they are in therewinkthumbsup

MAR 12 @ 21:29

by mr spice

It's a spell book.....Wizardthumbsup

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