Jamie Oliver

Winner's Stars !?

MAR 12 @ 22:29

by klmleung

For those who watches Michael Winner's Dining Stars, what do you think of today's episode?

I think the second contestant lacked the presentation and the food might not have been suitable for Mr Winner as he pointed out about the spiciness of the starter. He makes it clear that not only the food has to be good, but the presentation, ambiance and how he was treated are all taken into account too when judging.

The first contestant was given merit to the quality of the hosting in general and Mr Winner had a great time - which was a big plus. In addition, the food was delicious (to his taste I would say) and well presented. She did deserve at least a star, and 2 stars were awarded.

So in conclusion, relaying on good food alone will not be sufficient to please Mr Winner !!! Remember that future contestants wink

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