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How are you starting your own Food Revolution?

MAR 25 @ 09:49

by Danny

"Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" wants to hear about what you are doing to start your own Food Revolution!

Whether its planting your own vegetable garden, “passing it on,” cooking dinner for your family, or if you just want to bring attention to something in your community that needs change - we want to hear about it!

E-mail us at JOFoodRevolution@gmail.com and tell us a little bit about what your doing, or how you would like Jamie to help.

Please include your name and contact information -  you may be selected to be featured on Jamie's new American TV show!

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MAR 25 @ 13:28

by mhanna

I have been at this for years.  Sometimes successful, sometimes not.  I have spent a couple of school years meeting with our schools  and finding little support in the administration in overhauling the school lunch program.  We have an extremely large number of children qualifying for free and reduced lunch.  We need to feed them better, much better.  I have another meeting shortly.  I actually came to this website for a "pep talk", to remind me I am not alone in my concerns.

Successfully however, I teach a cooking program for children as a volunteer.  I go into classrooms to "plant the seed of good nutrition through cooking"  in a program I've developed called "The Vegetable Garden". I have been at this for nearly 6 years now.  It began with pre-school age children and now my oldest group is third graders.  I also spent a great deal of time  starting a vegetable garden at one of our local elementary schools.  I am off today to try and convince the lunch provider to use the produce in our school lunch program.  Last year this was not the case and the produce was donated.

So I do feel some success has been made.  Not the big changes but something.  Now if I can only convince the school to really support these changes.

Jamie, I actually have a letter coming your way via your publishing house.  Plz look for it.

Meggen Hanna

MAR 25 @ 17:09

by klaszlo

We would love to partner!  Our new startup ZisBoomBah.com is focused on giving kids a voice!  Here is a  little about us!   We could use help too - as a start-up the reviews are great but we need coverage!

We are getting rave reviews by the children we tested in several schools in Boulder, CO and Chesapeake, VA – 2 very different demographics.  The children love:
•    That they get to choose and are armed with facts to support those choices when questioned;
•    Parents get an email telling them what the child wants to eat;
•    Chefs and recipes! 
•    They can enter the Meal of the Week contest with a 5 star meal!
•    And finally – they can communicate with their parents and siblings through our secure ZisBoomBah messaging system.

Parents love that they are no longer the bad guy or the food police!  Parents feel like they finally have the support to reach their child and that they get healthy recipes and relevant offers. 
With a child centric solution at the right time in the market, we are positioned to have a dramatic impact on US children. 

Perhaps there is a way to help eachother?

MAR 25 @ 17:16

by lhalfcent

I am the mother of five and what i call junk addiction and finicky eating has been a plague on my house!
About 7 years ago I decided to find ways to get my kids to eat fresh foods.
I had read all kinds of books and cookbooks on how to sneak in fruits and veggies and honestly i didn't have much success.
So i took my kids love of certain things like pancakes, muffins, pasta, pizza etc and started there.
I do alot of canning and dehydrating so i came up with an idea.
using fresh pulp is not always best and the end product is not consistent or looks funny. so the kids won't eat it. grr
so what i did was one day while dehydrating i thought what if i took a rainbow of fruits AND veggies, dried them and ground them together (I call it FAVI) and mix this into anything. It worked!
I can mix in whole servings of fruits and veggies into just about anything.
I developed a whole grain mix with 4 grains to make a all purpose mix and now add FAVI (fruit and veggie infused).
Now my kids know what is in their foods and gradually i have been able to have them try the fresh slowly but surely. But I tell you, even my brownies have whole grain and FAVI in every bite! lol
Three years ago I decided at the encouragement of friends and family to introduce my concept to schools. Like you I have run into closed minds and budget this or that.
I show them that kids love this innovative way. I have yet to meet a kid who will not eat what I make with this idea.
It works!
i would love to share what i do with you and give you my website. Maybe if all of us come together we can stop this craziness in schools and stop diabetes in it's tracks.
Laura Halfpenny

MAR 25 @ 19:07

by krisleighsen

Hi there!

I write a blog where I share my slightly skewed vegetarian recipes, food/culture news, and other New York City sightings. I've written about the topic of obesity in America and healthy eating before, and actually won a blog contest for the book Stuffed Nation by Hank Cardello!  Would love to get more involved with this cause! Not only have I signed the petition, I have also donated. I think that this cause is wonderful and I can only hope that my fellow Americans wake up and smell the vegetables!

Thank you! Please visit my site anytime! I wish that I could have shared some of my posts but I cannot share any links yet due to spam. sad I will continue to promote Jamie's work. Brilliant!

Kristen Senese
beholdthemetatron (dot) com

MAR 25 @ 22:11

by DebraEschmeyer

I write to you in the hopes you can showcase some of the great work that has been accomplished in the U.S. and ways to move in that direction for the millions of Americans that are mobilized with this series and with your new initiative.

In the end, I want Jamie Oliver’s show to be effective, transformative rather.You reach an audience many of us food justice advocates have spent decades trying to reach. If you want to rally the grassroots and lead newly passionate Americans to places that can channel their energy into progress, I have a few recommendations:

1) Visit a model meal program. I've included below a list of 10 recommended Farm to School programs to visit.

2) Voices of Change. Interview the leading voices of change in the U.S. You name it. Who do you need? A youth leader? a farmer? a school teacher? We got em.

3) Easy Footage. I have some great, high quality videos if you just want to edit them to fit your needs.
Recommended Farm To School Site Visits

Listed below are site visit recommendations of just a few of the amazing Farm to School programs across the United States that you should check out:

    * Riverside, California-- Extensive research data, farmers’ market salad bars, increased participation rates, doubling of income from school meals, longevity and sustainability of program, informal marketing network developed by farmers for this market, Harvest of the Month, cafeteria program, and state legislative and administrative support, school gardens
    * Burlington, Vermont-- Demonstrates all aspects of farm to school: forward contracting with farmers, student participation in harvesting and processing products, increased participation rates and income from school meals, inclusion of locally grown poultry, extensive food education curriculum, longevity and sustainability of program, Recommended visit: (March 27 during Jr. Iron Chef Competition)
    * Detroit, Michigan-- Host for 5th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference where a school garden will be built, Food service director training kit for purchasing local product, active community, higher institution, and non-profit partners, school gardens, very supportive state education department, Recommended visit: (May 17-19 for the 5th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference)
    * Portland, Oregon – economic impact study demonstrating multiplier effect of local purchases, detailed evaluation data, inclusion of processed local products, Harvest of the Month program, innovative state policy supporting Farm to School, full-time staff positions in the departments of education and agriculture
    * Columbus, Ohio – active 3 Sisters Project offers an in-class or after school learning opportunity based on a 28-week food education curriculum titled, 'Food is Elementary', Farm to School Coordinator position shared between the Department of Education and Agriculture is launching a pilot program in five Appalachian school districts, Ohio Neighborhood Harvest effort to map access to healthy and locally grown food across urban and rural Ohio, Senator Sherrod Brown introduced legislation to help deliver fresh food from farms to underserved communities: Food Outreach and Opportunity Development (FOOD) for a Healthy America Act, which includes the Healthy Urban Food Enterprise Development program.
    * Chicago, Illinois – food service management company purchasing local produce and processing for winter use, Healthy Schools Campaign’s nationally recognized Cooking Up Change program, Seven Generations Ahead’s Fresh From the Farm, an experiential integrated food/nutrition education class for elementary school students, Recommended visit: (March 25 – 27, during School Food FOCUS annual meeting)
    * Albuquerque, New Mexico— minority farmers formed marketing group for the school market, Cooking with Kids nationally recognized education program, state designated mandatory funds for local produce purchases, large volume purchases for over 40,000 students, use of commodity distribution program to distribute farm products, state GAP training for farmers
    * Saint Paul, Minnesota – leading player in the effort to ramp-up Farm to School on a state-wide basis through a partnership between MN SNA and IATP, School Food Learning Lab, school district connects local farms through a processor to get pre-cut produce using a request for proposal purchasing format, looking to locally source wild rice, bison, flax, wheat, produce, etc. Students have daily access to a buffet of fresh fruits and vegetables from a “choice bar,”  20 elementary schools participate in the USDA Fruit and Vegetable Grant
    * Asheville, North Carolina – extensive curricular development, school gardens, integration of chefs in the classroom, informal farmer network developed specifically for school markets, tobacco farmers transitioning to vegetable production, detailed data on economic benefit to farmers, Recommended visit: combine with a visit to the state supported Farm to School program serving mid-to large scale farmers
    *  Gadsden, Florida—New North Florida Cooperative, extensive processing including collard greens, sweet potatoes and green beans, program benefits low-income African-American producers, arguably the largest volume of locally produced vegetables sold to schools, started with funds from USDA AMS
    * Bozeman, Montana – extensive technical support, research, and education by the Grow Montana coalition, the nation’s first FoodCorps of five full-time AmeriCorps volunteers working to establish farm to cafeteria programs at a tribal college, the state’s land-grant college, a small public college, and Missoula County and Gallatin Valley Public Schools
More at www.farmtoschool.org

MAR 26 @ 08:20

by ljbritt50

My food revolution began out of necessity when I was identified with several medical problems associated with multiple food sensitivities. As I researched foods and created new recipes, I decided that I wanted to share this information in an effort to provide others with nutritious recipes that looked, smelled and tasted delicious, but still met special dietary needs.

I believe that we are the survivors and should take every opportunity to celebrate life with the finest quality food and meals we can afford. To this end, I have created a web site to share what I have learned in an effort to help others improve the quality of their lives and health. It contains research, articles, book reviews and recipes as well as a forum for others to share their ideas, comments and recipes.

As my health has improved, I have been able to tackle other venues. I am currently creating cooking modules that help people tackle a variety of different types of meals and recipes. There is always an instructional or research component, article and lots of recipes in each module.

Recently, I have been able to take this to the next level by teaching workshops and courses in the private sector. In addition, our community college has just officially made me an instructor and I will begin teaching extension courses in gluten free cooking this May. My goal is to help other people with food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities become more aware of their options. Our meals should be just as exciting and tasty as they were before we developed these problems.

I have also worked with a local restaurant that wanted to make their food safe for customers with special dietary needs and coached a number of members of the community who wanted to make these transitions in their lives.

Another project I have tackled is a recipe challenge from the local butcher. He provides me with the meat and challenges me to make a gluten free meal with it. In return, I let him taste it and share the recipe with his customers. It's lots of fun and we're enjoying the competition.

Today my food revolution is reaching many people both online and in the community. It's very exciting to be able to share what I have learned with others and provide them with the skills necessary to move forward on their own. It's wonderful when people get in touch to tell me how they are changing up this idea or expanding on that recipe. It tells me they will share their newfound skills and resources with others along the way. It's a little revolution, but one that is growing! You can find my blogging here on Jamie Oliver's site as ljbritt50 or on my official web site Food Challenges : www.foodchallenges.ca

My name is Liana Brittain and my revolution is taking place in Kingston, Ontario, Canada!

MAR 26 @ 10:29

by pbebo

As many have replied we have been working toward change in our communites for years. An article from yesterday's Fall River MA Herald News on our own Food Revolution recounts how we have worked at changing school meals, provide comprehensive nutrition education, and reinforce it with fresh fruits and vegetables and parent inclusion . We don't only restrict ourselves to food, the whole community is committed to a healthier life which includes all  aspects of health not just food and weight. Our exciting initiatives take place under the the umbrella of the Greater Fall River Partners for a Healthier Community. This is truly a collaborative community effort that we celebrate everyday, is sustainable and will show benefits for many years to come. The Action Priorities voted upon by the citizens of Fall River are: Safety and Substance Abuse, Environment and Recreation, Health Education and Adult Education, Job Training and Employement. For the last 5 years we have been working toward programming and policy change in all these areas and have made great strides. We continue to work toward change as we have just completed our visioning for the next 5 years.  The revolution continues one community at a time - in our case we are now enlarging the effort to include the lower southeast region of MA. New collaborations and partnerships are developed everyday with a future result of a healthier region that encompasses all areas of a person's life.

MAR 26 @ 17:28

by EasyLunchboxes

I believe that parents are truly in need of a simple and affordable way to be sure their children have access to a healthy lunch while at school. Although many government agencies and school districts have gotten the 'clean up your act' message, they are frustratingly faced with a shortage of funds and many stumbling blocks when it comes to actually implementing new, healthier programs.
Our kids need good nutrition today.
Packing a lunch box is the only sure solution available right now.

And that's why I created The EasyLunchbox System: Compartmentalized containers and cooler bags that help families organize and pack healthy lunches without wasting time, money, paper, or plastic. 

EasyLunchboxes.com was launched in December, 2009 and is quickly becoming the new favorite among affordable and green lunch box solutions. My EasyLunchbox System has been rated TOP CHOICE by many independent reviewers.

Supporting the waste-free lunch movement, EasyLunchboxes.com offers a reusable, superior solution at a much lower price than other companies. Great for large families and those on a limited budget. FDA approved. No BPA, phthalates, lead, vinyl, or PVC. Safe for dishwasher, freezer, and microwave.

EasyLunchboxes.com is proud to support the health of our people and our planet, one lunchbox at a time smile  -Kelly Lester, mom and CEO, EasyLunchboxes.com

MAR 26 @ 19:15

by Amy'sblog

Inspired by the movie Julie & Julia, I'm trying to cook all of the recipes in Jamie's new book, Jamie's Food Revolution. I just cooked my 8th recipe, Macaroni and Cauliflower Cheese Bake (pg. 49) Its been lots of fun! As Jamie suggests, I hope to have a few cooking parties throughout the year to teach friends how to cook some of my favorite recipes. I hadn't even had a chance to check out the website's great blogs and forums until I got an email from Danny soon after I started. Danny, thanks for all of your good wishes and support!

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