Jamie Oliver

Dessert Anyone?

APR 04 @ 17:40

by Pakman

This amazing little treat is what was hiding behind the grass from my previous post.
This dish has so many levels of yummy it's unbelievable!

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APR 04 @ 17:56

by Madalina_B

Loooooks delicious!!!thumbsupsmile

APR 05 @ 01:12

by JoyYamDaisy

O my!smile

APR 05 @ 03:00

by Tara

Pakman that looks so good!  Can you share the recipe?

APR 05 @ 06:03

by mexican nellie

Wao que rico!!!thumbsupwave

APR 05 @ 09:38

by Pakman

I didn't make that but I'll try to get the recipe if she'll give it to me tongue

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