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Ham in coca-cola

APR 04 @ 22:19

by jutta73

I have been meaning to make this strange sounding meal for a long time and decided to do it for Easter Sunday dinner. It was delicious and I really encourage you to try it. There is more information on my blog including a link to Nigella's recipe.

http://happyvalleycook.blogspot.com/201 … -cola.html

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APR 05 @ 02:57

by Tara

Hey Jutta, I didnt know you had a blog!  Nice job on the ham, did you find it tasted overly sweet.  I've always been a bit warey of making this because it our house is not into main meals tasting sweet.

APR 05 @ 10:52

by jutta73

Mrs M, it really is not over-sweet. It is perfectly balanced. You really should give it a go sometime. I only started my blog at the start of March but I am really enjoying it.

APR 05 @ 12:53

by mummza

My son likes ham cooked in Coca cola , but the rest of the family prefer it cooked in Cider , so that is what I tend to do.
I am told , like Jutta says , that it is not too sweet cooked in Coca Cola.

APR 06 @ 09:13

by Tara

Cheers guys, if the OH gives the thumbs up Ill give it a go.

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