Jamie Oliver

Apple and rhubarb jelly

APR 05 @ 09:24

by The White Rabbit

Made this today from some small apples and some rhubarb from the garden. Tastes a little like toffee apples but without the caramel flavour.

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APR 05 @ 10:17

by madamada

wonderful sight, magic mix I would not have thought of for a jelly, geniale WRbig_smile

APR 06 @ 09:02

by oliviascotland

That looks wonderful - I love the colour thumbsup  Also your description of the taste!  Think this might have to be tried once our rhubarb has started lol

APR 06 @ 10:07

by The White Rabbit

It was cool to make; it's my second jelly but I really love their clarity.

Only a little rhubarb to apple just enough to give a hint of colour and flavour.

APR 06 @ 11:09

by Kye


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