Jamie Oliver

and ended as drunken starfish

APR 05 @ 21:59

by The White Rabbit

tasted ok; it's getting near the end of the fig season so they were a little watery tasting

hadn't tried this recipe before; think i'll put them closer together and only cut about a quarter of the way down instead of half

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APR 06 @ 08:59

by oliviascotland

They do look good big_smile

APR 06 @ 10:05

by The White Rabbit

I must say my first thought after "drunken starfish" was "hey, that's like goldfish in slime"

APR 09 @ 23:31

by Birdymum

I love baked fruit, even if it looks a little drunken I bet it tasted great.
Have posted that recipe for coconut rice custard back on my blog page. Hope you like it.

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