Jamie Oliver

Glad to be here

APR 13 @ 16:42

by cohphanta

I"ve only been here for a few days and it's nice.  Nice to be able to talk about food with people who love it and are as passionate as I am.  Loving food isn't a bad thing.  God gave us a beautiful bounty and it's ok to appreciate it.  One of my co-workers is severely underweight. She is about 5 foot 8 inches and weighs only 100 lbs.  She says that if she didn't need food to survive she wouldn't eat at all.  She is constantly questioning me on why I love food and how I can eat.  While, yes, we need food to survive there is nothing wrong with enjoying it as well.  When I cook I get delighted at what I create. Sometimes wonderful, sometimes not so great.  So a big thank you to everyone here. I love it!!!

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APR 13 @ 16:58

by DebDiMaggio

welcome, we love food for sure.

APR 14 @ 01:07

by JoyYamDaisy

Lovely to have you here! Good food is such a pleasure, your poor co worker is missing out!

APR 14 @ 04:56

by Luvmegrub

Welcome to the mad-house Cohphanta lol  I see you are having fun here.

I've met a couple of people like your co-worker and just find it impossible to understand.

My hubby's aunt and uncle came to visit us from England and they were truly disinterested in food.  They did eat but couldn't have cared less about what was put in front of them, and they wasted food, which is a crime in my eyes lol  I didn't think it quite polite to polish off their left-overs like I would when my kids were small lol

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