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APR 15 @ 18:03

by whitedog




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I hope they get submissions from as meny as are willing to take the time to make the suggetsions to thwm to write about marie's story. It certainly is provacative from so many sides, her insurance not allowing the funding of her treatment, because she has been through only 2 courses of chemo. The campaign here to fund it all. Herself as a young beautiful wife and mother.

The BBC as I wrote on the thread was easier to submit to fromtheir site, so that wouod be great to write to also. Please don't hold back, write write write, no mater how you feel about tyour wrieting at this point the more the better. Get the campaign on the map, the big wide pubic map. Get her onto the main stage and then things will roll quickly and well. She's her best asset, such a fine person. And so beautiful.

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