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Mummza Does...Jamie Does !!

MAY 07 @ 20:19

by mummza

After seeing Jamie make risotto Bianco  and turn it simply into Tomato Risotto I could not resist trying it. Jamie put Basil in with the tomatoes but as my Basil is only seelings at the moment and the shop had sold out of those 'growing basil' pots I thought I would shove in a few bits of thyme and aslo I would make use of the leaves of the celery...I added both and I also cooked up the tomatoes with a bit of red onion... result...Awsome !! big_smile
Thank you  Jamie thumbsup

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MAY 09 @ 11:22

by shammrok

Your risotto looks lovely mummza and so full of colour.

The little celery leaves are a nice addition.thumbsup

MAY 09 @ 11:50

by JoyYamDaisy

O no wonder you wanted to share this lovely dish! It is gorgeous!smile

MAY 09 @ 15:34

by mummza

It tasted gorgeous as well !

MAY 10 @ 02:29

by Tara

I love the colours Mummza, beautiful. smile

MAY 10 @ 16:11

by Dave Barker

I have just followed a link in the forums and came across this post... what a good idea, to use forum linksd to point to blog updates... I would probably have missed this otherwise...

That risotto looks amazing mummza... nice one mate!

All the best


MAY 22 @ 11:15

by itsmarie

Wow, Now that looks soooooooooooooo good Mummza, i could eat that right now x

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