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JUN 03 @ 11:41

by Luvmegrub

Here are my very first pies made in my new pie making machine.  Chicken curry and sweet potato filling with frozen shortcrust base and puff pastry lid.  I can't believe how crispy and delicious they are. 

This is the one I bought:
http://www.sunbeam.com.au/pages/browse/ … x?pid=1420

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JUN 03 @ 12:17

by Kye

Lovely, now i'm just starving and i want one of those machines too.big_smilewave

JUN 03 @ 12:21

by JoyYamDaisy

Gorgeous! What a crowd pleaser!big_smile

JUN 04 @ 02:27

by nanstertoo

I had one of those made by Oster many years ago...loved it.

JUN 04 @ 08:42

by jutta73

My first thought was they look perfect! And that you must be the pie-Queen. Then I saw you had used a pie-maker and that does not detract at all from the wonder of your pies. You could sell those pies, they look sooooooooooo good.

JUN 07 @ 09:01

by Maree

Geoff bought one and raved about it. I thought it'd be another thing that would gradually gather dust. I bought one in 08 and use it several times a week-even in summer for friittata, quiche (without a pastry top, of course,  and for a lower fat version/take on arancini to use up leftover risotto. Love it!

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