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Changing the way Broward County, FL Schools Eat

JUN 13 @ 14:47

by YaDa Chef

The Nutrition Counsel Meeting was Thursday last and I walked away very pleased. We are eliminating all fizzy drinks in the vending machines.  All milk served will be low fat(1%) or fat free.  Flavoured milks will be eliminated until the dairy counsel can create a milk that meets the new requirement of less than 110 calories per 8 ounces.  One of the members talked to a new vending company, Human Healthy Vending.  All foods are natural, organic, low in sugar and salt.  Hopefully we will get approval to place the "test" machines in a couple of schools and the Health Department.  Entree salads and entree vegan salads will be offered daily.  Desserts will be cut out.

We also discussed having the school's Culinary Students help with the cooking to give "real world" experience and get credits as well.  This should help defray some of the costs.  Some members were worried about "LIABILITY".

I appears a difference is being made.  The next meeting will not be until September.  I will be going with director of the counsel for a surprise breakfast and lunch.

So....until next time.  Be well, eat healthy.
Joseph/YaDa Chef

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