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Bäcker Süpkes Schwarzwälder Kruste

JUN 16 @ 18:41

by Anna

This is the first attempt at baking using a sourdough/pre-ferment.  I'm really rather impressed!  The fierce heat of the oven made our (ridiculously sensitive) fire alarm go off, causing a minor panic as I realized I'm about a foot too short to switch it off... But all's well that ends well!

It's not a complicated recipe despite the length.  I was nowhere near as exact with the measurements: my scales are from 1908 and a little vague.  I had to add an extra spoonful of flour as the dough was a little sticky but that will be my imprecise measurements rather than a fault with the recipe.  I paid no attention to the temperature requirements (eg proving the bread at 24C etc).

I would absolutely, highly recommend this to anyone.  It was my first try at a "proper" bread recipe and it was dead simple and apparently foolproof.  Finally, I used butter in place of lard as we have vegetarians round this weekend - and I rarely (if ever) have lard in the house.

Original recipe (in German):
http://baeckersuepke.wordpress.com/2009 … er-kruste/

English translation of the recipe here:
http://kochtopf.twoday.net/stories/baec … rust-loaf/

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