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And the money shot

JUN 16 @ 19:10

by Anna

I was keen to recreate the flavour, crumb and crust of Swiss loaves - I miss bread from home terribly.  And I think I've succeeded!

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JUN 17 @ 00:10

by frizz1974

Wow Anna - that looks amazing... well done!

What are you going to eat with it? Soup, pasta, salad... looks like it will make fab toast too...

JUN 17 @ 00:13

by JoyYamDaisy

O yum! Lovely loaf! Congratulations! Delicious and nostalgic too!

JUN 17 @ 00:14

by Anna

Frizz, this is a great little recipe: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/ … ttingstall (The top one, open-faced croque madames).  I think this bread will be perfect for it.

Thanks Joy, I was really rather proud of myself.  smile

JUN 18 @ 07:19

by Luvmegrub

Wonderful job Anna, that looks fab.  I'd love a big doorstep of that slathered with Heinz Sandwich Spread.

My youngest daughter has just started work at a lovely bakery that makes all kinds of proper bread so hopefully before long she'll be allowed to bring home some treats.  I've heard that the staff are allowed to take $5 worth after each shift which will be very nice, fingers crossed there'll be a Ploughman's Sourdough left at the end of the day!

AUG 02 @ 23:52

by john_lee

That looks fab - I'm guessing it's a sourdough? I'm just eating a big slice of my warm sourdough now with butter and raspberry jam. Yum! Here's mine:

http://www.jamieoliver.com/bloggers/vie … p?id=63746

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