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Cooking Challenge - Jamies sexy Swedish buns

JUN 20 @ 03:43

by Tara

Heres my results for the Swedish cooking challenge.  I decided to do Jamies sexy Swedish buns. 

http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/brea … edish-buns

I found the 180c oven temperature was far too low and baked mine at 200c, I turned up the heat after they had been on for 15 minutes, so instead of the 25 minute cooking time, it took about 40 minutes. I put alot of butter on the baking paper they but unfortunately they still stuck to it and I had the fiddly task of ripping the baking paper off the bottoms of the rolls before they got too cool.  They did come out lovely but I found them a little bland.  If I make these again I'll have to rethink the flavours.  I would be nice to incorporate custard into the acutal bun, not sure how I'd achieve that. hmm

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JUN 20 @ 10:29

by jutta73

I added cinnamon to my second batch and I can tell you that fresh blueberries make it so much better. Though that time I forgot to use baking paper and they stuck to the tray which was a pain. I think I am going to move on to other scroll type buns.

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