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Cinnamon Scrolls

JUN 20 @ 10:11

by Luvmegrub

I missed the cooking challenge for cooking with yeast, something I've done very little of.  Today I made cinnamon scrolls, recipe from Frizz's blog, and they turned out much better than I imagined.  I'm very pleased with the results and will definitely make them again, I'll have to split the dough and do half without dried fruit for my eldest roll

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JUN 20 @ 17:18

by MsK

They look wonderful! (i always use the recipe of pioneer woman..those are lovely too!!)

JUN 21 @ 05:53

by 2easey

]They look great =0) being new to the forum could you please tell me how I find Frizz's blog, I would love to have a go at making these

JUN 21 @ 07:12

by Luvmegrub

Hi 2easy and welcome aboard wave

If you click on Blogs you'll see they are listed alphabetically, then click on "F" and Frizz should be one of the first you'll see. 

If you still can't find it, let me know and I will post the recipe here.

JUN 22 @ 00:31

by frizz1974

Its here, and the scrolls are about 3 pages back at this point.


JUN 22 @ 01:37

by jutta73

They look great! Ms K I have been planning for ages to do the recipe from the Pioneer Women. The pic itself in her site is drool-worthy.

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