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Cooking Challenge - Pies

JUN 20 @ 10:18

by Luvmegrub

Since watching Maggie Beer make her Pheasant Pie on Australian TV show Master Chef, I've been wanting to try her sour cream pastry.  I used a chicken, bacon and leek filling.

The pastry was way too rich for my family and rather bland as it was made with unsalted butter and did not require the addition of any salt.  I'm glad I tried it but won't bother using that recipe again - I could honestly feel my backside spreading across the chair as I ate it lol

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JUN 20 @ 10:30

by jutta73

Oh that is interesting. I had expected from the response on Masterchef that the pastry must have been amazing. I think I will continue to search for good pastry recipes. For sweet pastry, Jamie has never let me down.

JUN 21 @ 01:32

by Tara

It came out looking lovely Luvme, was the filling worth a repeat?

JUN 21 @ 07:08

by Luvmegrub

The chicken, bacon & leek is just a bog-standard pie filling I use, it's from one of those little Women's Weekly books that sometimes come free with the mag or are next to the check-out at the supermarket, think it's called Winter Warmers.  It's just chicken, bacon, leek and mushrooms if you like them, fry it all up with garlic, S&P and make a creamy sauce with butter, flour and half milk half cream.  Sometimes I throw a splosh of white wine in before I add the creamy sauce if I've got a bottle handy.  I have a bit of the filling left over which will be great for using in the pie machine.

JUN 26 @ 04:06

by Tara

That sounds delish Luvme. smile

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