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British BBQ Championships

JUN 23 @ 10:03

by Toby Shea

Launched late 2008 to raise awareness of real BBQ and to offer a consistent BBQ competition circuit with a fixed set of rules, with three competitions held in Surrey, Sussex and British BBQ Society teams representing Britain at the 2 most prestigious BBQ competitions in the world, the American Royal and the Jack Daniels Invitational the society is quickly becoming accepted as a major force in BBQ.

What separates the British BBQ Society from other BBQ events is our history and our passion. There have been several competitions popping up over the years only to disappear the next. We are already working on two new competition concepts to run alongside our main events, both of which will be trialled later this year.

The points from the competition in July and the National Final in August are combined to discover the team that will represent Britain at the Jack Daniels Invitational, Lynchburg, Tennessee in October.

The British BBQ Society has 4 compulsory categories, Pulled Pork, Brisket, Ribs & Chicken with additional categories in Dessert and BBQ Sauce. The food is all slow cooked in the traditional American style.  We also hold a mystery box competition in which teams have two hours to complete a dish from a set of mystery ingredients.

The next competition takes place on the 24th & 25th July at Minley Nursery, Spoil Lane, Tongham, Surrey and the National final is taking place 28th & 29th August and is being hosted by http://www.rudgwicksteamshow.co.uk/ one of the largest events in the South.

Further information and pictures of previous events can be found on our web site www.bbbqs.com . Enjoy the weather!

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