Jamie Oliver


JUN 24 @ 17:41

by Anna

Was quite nice, even if I do say so myself.  Had it with mashed potatoes, with cream and truffle oil, and plain steamed asparagus.

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JUN 24 @ 20:18

by Allora Andiamo

mmmmmm...bravo Anna....sounds delicious big_smile

JUN 24 @ 20:41

by runneralps

looks delicioussmilesmile

JUN 25 @ 02:16

by Luvmegrub

Lovely dinner big_smile thumbsup

JUN 29 @ 20:58

by FanFanBabii

Gorgeous colours, I like smile

JUN 29 @ 22:13

by Anna

The first picture I posted shows the colour of the chicken very clearly.  It was a corn-fed organic bird and the skin was lemon yellow!  I think the olive oil made it even brighter.  cool

AUG 02 @ 23:49

by john_lee

Is it confit? Looks lovely.

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