Jamie Oliver

Colm's Dinner

JUL 06 @ 21:21


This is my 7 year old who complained bitterly that he was not on my blog on Jamie Oliver's computer!!!!
I said if he cooked something we could change that. So here is the result of that conversation.
Well dine Colm.  smilesmile

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JUL 06 @ 21:27

by madamada

thumbsupbig_smile bravooooooooooowave

JUL 07 @ 10:44

by Kye

Cheeky face toobig_smilewave

AUG 03 @ 20:07

by mari_

Sweet! wink

OCT 17 @ 03:01

by Kaitlyn

Way to go, Colm!thumbsupthumbsup

NOV 20 @ 06:56

by Garbonzo

Hi cuter!! Take care while doing these things!!

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