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My first strawberry

JUL 08 @ 09:48

by Boberika

Well I have my first strawberry yikes, but it wasn't sweet, do you know a trick to help your strawberry's become sweet?
I can't wait for my other plant to start reaping vegetables, but I think I'm still a few months off sad


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JUL 08 @ 17:30

by FanFanBabii

SUN SUN SUN SUN SUN, and some more sun, and there are several different kinds, and sometimes they need to just wait a couple more days before you EAT them smile
Mine are pretty sweet, but this year a bit bitter for some reason, Dunno what I did wrong ... roll

JUL 09 @ 09:09

by Boberika

Thanks smile they are in a very sunny spot, but will maybe wait a bit longer before I pick them whistle

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