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Jamie's Sausages and Green Lentils with Red Salsa

JUL 11 @ 19:20

by john_lee

A couple of weeks ago, I watched the episode of Jamie's Great Italian Escape where Jamie satyed with the monks of Farfa Abbey.

This is my second attempt at the sausage and lentil dish Jamie made on the side of the road to raise money for the abbey's herb garden. You can find the recipe here: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/pork … h-tomato-s

I hadn't cooked much with lentils before (except for throwing handful into soups and stews), but this dish reminded me of when I lived in Le Marche and went to a festival in Appignano one October, which was dedicated entirely to beans and lentils! My Italian friends and I were packed into a rustic old tavern complete with folk band and waitresses in traditional costumes, while bowl after bowl of steaming legumes were laid before us. The most memorable dish was lentils cooked with a knuckle of proscitto, which was hammy, smokey, earthy and completely delicious.

The only changes I made to the above recipe were to add a charred and peeled red pepper to the salsa (as Jamie did in the programme), to wilt a whole bag of spinach into the lentils at the end of cooking, and to dress the lentils with lemon juice instead of vinegar. Another Jamie tip was to put a potato and tomato in the pot of lentils, which softens skins. At the end of cooking, you can mash these up and stir them back into the lentils.

It made a lovely, healthy change from sausage and mash, and I hope you'll give it a go!

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JUL 29 @ 02:52

by SonomaEddie

John, I just got through eating and now you've made me hungry all over again!  That looks absolutely delicious.

JUL 30 @ 12:39

by john_lee

It was delicious, thanks Eddie. Another winner from Jamie!

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