Jamie Oliver

getting back to normal

JUL 19 @ 16:15

by jetdog

Hi Jetdog on the Jetblog here while OH is sleeping( radiation puts him flat out) I grab a few minutes of my old life- right  now I am just getting back to cooking -for the entire 6 weeks of his hospitalization I was there- so the jetpuppies got take out every night even they are bored with it! So last night I marinated steak tips in olive oil, wine and balsamic vinegar, garlic and rosemary and grilled them outside served with fruit salad and brown rice cooked in veg stock with finely diced celery shaved carrots and when it was done  genererous handful of parmesan  (i did the same marinade with portobello mushrooms) OH ate more than I expected considering his stomache is wobbly due to chemo so I guess I am back on track perhabs barbequed chicken tonite Thanks for being there forum-ites Jetdog

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JUL 19 @ 19:40

by oliviascotland

That sounds sooooo delicious!!  Hope your OH is coping, and that you are, too - a horrible time to be going through for all your family.

JUL 19 @ 21:20

by madamada

that was a wonderful way of making you all feel cared for, and a good menu indeed

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