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The One I Picked

JUL 19 @ 23:25


This was growing in the sand dunes, of a beach we visited  in Connemara in the West Of Ireland last week. I thought of this photo when I came back and saw this lovely idea to remember Marie. Often when we think there is just sand and barren rushes, there is an awful lot more hiding away. Marie will be hiding away in the hearts of so many for a lifetime.
No more pain for you Marie.
My heart goes out to your family who will have wonderful memories to help soothe their broken hearts.

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JUL 20 @ 08:44

by JoyYamDaisy

These are lovely! So beautiful they make the harsh environment seem like paradise!

JUL 20 @ 09:33

by rhianna899

So beautiful and perfect x

JUL 20 @ 14:21

by mummza

I can just imagine these growing amongst the sandy dunes, lovely.
The flowers look as if they are 'thrift' I am sure that Minerva will know.

JUL 20 @ 17:32

by minerva

They look more like a wild orchid (Dactylorhiza..............possibly D.purpurella???) than Thrift to me. Fairly well spread about as a genus, a biggish family & fairly robust, often living in colonies of different species all cheek-by-jowl with each other.

Flower Meaning = Refined Beauty

JUL 21 @ 00:01


Thank you all for the lovely comments. I just wish I could have done more for Marie and her family.
The flowers were such a surprise as we strolled through the dunes above the beach after our picnic. Trying to kill time before the boys could go back in the water. There are more photos of our time away I will post thme once this lonely day has passed.

NOV 20 @ 06:54

by Garbonzo

So beautiful!!

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