Jamie Oliver

For Marie

JUL 20 @ 02:16

by jetdog

for Marie, the flowers of the field, sincere, friendly, inspiring, just as we will remember her, a joy a wonder, a gift

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JUL 20 @ 08:41

by JoyYamDaisy

Such a glory of wildflowers!

JUL 20 @ 09:30

by rhianna899

I can picture Marie sitting among these, smiling x

JUL 20 @ 14:25

by mummza

I wish that there were more places like this, its so beautiful

JUL 20 @ 17:16

by minerva

Poppy = Eternal Sleep, Oblivion
Corncockle = Gentility
Cornflower = Refinement
Grasses = Submission

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