Jamie Oliver

For Marie

JUL 20 @ 18:18

by ANN


My deepest condolences.

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JUL 20 @ 22:02

by Kye

Ann, so beautiful are those roses that you have chosen.

JUL 21 @ 18:26

by ANN

Thanks Kye.  They reminded me of Marie.

AUG 17 @ 01:54

by Kiwi Kris

Hi Ann! Yes, I agree with, Kye (hi!) - that bunch of roses are just beautiful & posted from your heart for, Marie!

I didn't realise that you had started a BLOG, Annie, that's cool !!

Catch you lovely ladies, later! wave

P.S. .....Have a fabulous/safe/enjoyable, vacation/holiday away, Ann!

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