Jamie Oliver


JUL 20 @ 21:59

by jetdog

I hope no one minds my posts regarding my OH' brain cancer - although the long term prognosis isn't great today both the radiation oncologist and the home physical therapist expressed surprise and optimism regarding his physical strength on his left side (which was paralyzed due to  the location of the tumor) he has some movement and can now maintain his balance while sitting unassisted  for a 10 minute period and stand with minimal support  I know it sounds small but believe me it is HUGE on Friday we will work on getting in and out of the car at least then we can get out of the house for enjoyable trips rather than taking the chair car to radiation and doctor's appointments I've come to appreciate that is not the amount of time we have left but the quality of that time Thanks for listening

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JUL 20 @ 22:09

by oliviascotland

Jetdog - we're here to listen whenever you need ...

JUL 20 @ 22:23

by mummza

Of course noboby minds you posting about hime jetdog.
It sounds as if that is good news being able to sit unassisted for those few minutes , I hope that it continues .

JUL 20 @ 22:27

by madamada

You are simply great jetdog, thank you for sharing this improovement, ........ and keep posting

JUL 20 @ 22:31

by Kye

jetdog, we are here and will lovingly support you, please keep on posting.

JUL 21 @ 01:13

by shammrok

Thinking of you Jetdog and  sending prayers and best wishes to you and your family! xox

JUL 21 @ 01:13

by Luvmegrub

Jetdog, please don't think anybody would mind you posting.  I'm so sorry to hear of your OH's illness and wish you well in coping day to day with all that it will bring.  Come on here and say whatever you like to your "anonymous" friends, it's difficult to keep a brave front all the time for your OH, family and friends.

JUL 21 @ 04:52

by Tara

Jetdog, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.  Please keep sharing, we want to be here for you. xoxo

JUL 21 @ 08:11

by Sandy

Jetdog so sorry to hear of your O'H's illness and we are here for you at all times.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

JUL 22 @ 19:54

by maddimouse

It´s great to hear that it could get easier for both of you with your OH being able to sit without assistance for a little while - I´m crossing fingers you´ll manage the get-in-and-out-of-car-action, it could indeed make things so much easier!
Please keep posting, positive thoughts, power and a good portion of luck and patience are sent round yours from here!!

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