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Our special dinner for Marie

JUL 21 @ 13:06

by jutta73

Tonight we had a special dinner at our house for Marie. It was a special feast of Crisp Pork Belly with caramel vinegar served with roast potatoes, veggies and book choy with sweet soy and lime. The caramel vinegar was the absolute highlight of a wonderful meal. The recipes are from Bill Granger's Holiday cookbook. I got slightly distracted by kids running around the house so my caramel vinegar was cooked wrong but still worked - I am sure Marie would have understood. It was a delicious meal. Later Miss K our 2 year old found and was chewing on a large rectangle piece of crackling, but she couldn't manage it and obligingly handed it over.

I will add more pics and the recipes on to my blog shortly and give you a link.

Edited: links added to my blog with recipes

Mains: … negar.html

Dessert: …

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JUL 21 @ 16:02

by oliviascotland

What a lovely idea, and what a delicious meal - can't wait till you post the recipes thumbsup

JUL 21 @ 18:00

by marcedvr

Lucky Marie... the meal are so nice...smilewave

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