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Dessert for Marie's dinner

JUL 21 @ 13:19

by jutta73

As soon as I saw the Chocolate Caramel Slice in Holiday by Bill Granger I knew I wanted to make it but that it needed a special occasion. And this is it. Following on from the feast we made in honour of Marie, the Chocolate Caramel Slice seemed a perfectly matched dessert to the pork belly with the caramel vinegar. Caramel was a bit of a theme to the feast. This slice is amazing. One of my favourite combinations is dark chocolate and sea salt in chocolates so this appealed to me. The sea salt just enhances the flavour of the slice and makes it a bit prettier I think.

I also plan to add more pics and recipe to my blog and will post link as soon as I have.

Edited: blog link with recipes added


http://happyvalleycook.blogspot.com/201 … negar.html


http://happyvalleycook.blogspot.com/201 … l-slice.ht

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JUL 21 @ 15:24

by DeniseH111

This looks so delicious!

JUL 21 @ 16:03

by oliviascotland

Mmmm, sounds wonderful big_smile

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