Jamie Oliver


JUL 23 @ 04:06

by jetdog

Just popped in for a minute to thank you all for your support  It is really tough to be all capable and strong all the time. I think the reality of this devastating situation hasn't hit me yet I have been so overwhelmed with tasks. It is good to know you are there to share my story. Now if someone could just stop me from existing on coffee and junk! I haven't eaten my usual healthy diet for weeks today coffee, tea, 2 jam donuts and to offset the calories a veggie chicken pattie! I don't even like donuts and these were 2 days old! Oh yes 2 tablespoons of left over potato salad ( i couldn't toss it)  and a handfull of dark chocolate covered almonds-  typing it sounds nauseating!  Oh well there is always tomorrow! night all MM

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JUL 23 @ 09:13

by madamada

big_smile take care of yourself ............... a friend of mine would say ................... and I say it to you ............ you are alreadi brava bravissima doing all thatbig_smile

JUL 23 @ 10:26

by mummza

Jetdog, just eat what you can at the moment and get from Day to day , what you are going through is enough would set anyone in a spin and it takes a while to settle back down again.
I am sure the reality of your situation has not hit you yet and I am sure you are dehydrated from all those tears so at least the coffee is replacing the fluids !!
Thinking of you.

JUL 23 @ 15:52

by nanstertoo

I missed some things while I was out of town, but I'm no stranger to tough times, and I know you just have to do whatever you can at the moment to get through.  A few weeks of a bad diet is not going to ruin you.  Eat and drink what you like, there will be time later to get back on track.  Stay strong, we're here for you if you need us.

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