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Stuffed Frenchtoast with blueberries and crumble

JUL 25 @ 18:07

by nanstertoo

This is what I made for breakfast today.  It came about because of a discussion on the forums where Denise wanted to tweak a recipe she had made for her children.  It was really scrumptious, and I will definitely do it again with other seasonal fruits, like cooked apples in the fall.wave  I put it together last night and let it soak over night, then I made the crumble topping this morning and baked it at 350F 180C(I think) for 30 minutes or so and let it stand a few min. before serving.

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JUL 25 @ 18:39

by MsPablo


JUL 26 @ 01:29

by JoyYamDaisy

Yum! Those berries oozing at the side.... mouthwatering!

JUL 26 @ 08:20

by Ashen

looks wicked. much better than the one I am about to post up. cool

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