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Any ideas for baking with muslie/granola?

JUL 29 @ 04:52

by Tara

Hi guys, Im in a bit of a dilema.  I have heaps of stale Muslie/Granola, I want to make it into something for my sons school lunch or just a healthy snack for the family in general instead of throwing it out.  I have a picture I have posted in my blog of the type of muslie and quantity Im talking about.  None of us really enjoyed it for breakfast, its half raw oat muslie and half toasted muslie in the jar, the bag is has raw oat muslie only.  I tried making muslie bars years ago but it failed miserably, it turning into a crumbly mess, I obviously needed a better binding agent.  Any ideas would be appreciated, slices, bars, cakes, biscuits..any ideas?

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JUL 29 @ 13:41

by Kye

Im afraid that i dont know very much about meusli, i found a site that may help though:

http://www.answerfitness.com/198/muesli … de-muesli/


JUL 30 @ 03:01

by Tara

Thankyou Kye, Ill check it outthumbsup

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