Jamie Oliver

Beef Casserole in one hour. Jamie Multi-cooker

AUG 09 @ 09:11

by wine~o

Start to finish, including prep. 1 Hour...Does not include eating time..

(Sorry to all reading this...back to front..)

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MAY 10 @ 11:40

by annecass

wine~o,thankyou for posting this step by step guide,very useful for someone like me who has just bought the Jamie Oliver multi cooker..I used it for the 1st time and cooked mince in it yesterday...15mins and it didnt appear properly cooked,so added 10mins,then another 5..so 30mins all in,(tho thats not counting browning time)not much quicker than stove top realy,but ive a lot to learn..pity the instructions are so poor.Thankyou.
Think i might start my own multicooker blog,just so i can record y trials and tribulations.lollol

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