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Cake Escape

AUG 09 @ 11:50

by Luvmegrub

I had a bit of extra time tonight so decided to make a chocolate fudge cake as an after dinner treat.  It's a recipe in a recent magazine from last year's Australian Master Chef, Julie Goodwin.

I followed the recipe exactly and it was quite straight forward, the only change I made was to use a larger sized spring form tin (24cm) as the quantity of batter appeared to be too much for the stated size of 22cm. 

As you can see, it over-flowed the tin and dripped all over my oven.  Please don't look too closely as my oven needs a good clean yikes

Any ideas on why it over-flowed??  It collapsed and looked like the magazine picture when it had cooled and was really nice and fudgey so it wasn't a total disaster. Ok, so here's the recipe:

125g softened butter
385g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
- cream together

3 eggs
- add one at a time

200g melted dark chocolate
- stir in in batches

250g SR flour
180 ml milk
- stir in in two batches

Bake at 150C for 1 hour 15 mins

I would make it again but don't have a larger tin, it would have to be made in 2 smaller tins.

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AUG 09 @ 15:19

by mincepie

Luvvy thats a huge amount of sugar! Can that be right?

AUG 09 @ 20:43

by wine~o

And if your oven didn't need cleaning before......

......it does now..wink

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