Jamie Oliver

Sunday ravioli

AUG 09 @ 20:47

by nanstertoo

I made these for supper last night, using the food processor for the first time for pasta making.  The pasta turned out well, the only thing was the dough was a little wet so I kneaded in more flour after turning it out on the board.  I think the well method is just as fast when you factor in the clean-up of the machine, but I'm glad I tried it.  I also used a ravioli cutter that I bought recently and I like the size.  I was worried that they might break open during cooking but none of them didsmilethumbsup, and the whole family loved them.  The filling was home made ricotta and herbs, an egg, some pecorino romano, salt and pepper.  The sauce was a lightly cooked, chunky fresh tomato sauce.

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AUG 09 @ 20:52

by madamada


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