Jamie Oliver

Relleno Negro

AUG 10 @ 02:59

by mexican nellie

Chilmole also called, is different from the mole poblano.

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AUG 10 @ 05:10

by runneralps

very interesting dish...i think it would be nice to try itsmilesmile

AUG 10 @ 05:46

by petite_joan

This is very interesting. I like squid so much... in Manila, I love doing Adobong Pusit. And of course the Paella Negra.

joanie xxx

AUG 10 @ 16:01

by mexican nellie

@runner, it's little hot, if i use more condiment more hot, but it's delicious, my favorite dish from Yucatan. My mom brought the condiment.
@petite_joan I like squid too, I was in Spain but i never try the Paella Negra hmm

AUG 12 @ 21:13

by Kye

and i love your avatar big_smilewave

AUG 13 @ 02:12

by mexican nellie

thank you kye, I love the Gallus Lafayette  and this has been in my kitchen for years

AUG 13 @ 21:38

by Kye

Is it a picture or a stuffed onewinkhmm

I just love those males too, knowing how to perch in trees and fighting for their female big_smilewave very different from other cocks..

AUG 14 @ 23:18

by mexican nellie

I have in my kitchen two pictures of cocks, one Gallus Gallus & the Lafayette.

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