Jamie Oliver

friday the 13th at work...?

AUG 13 @ 09:14

by Anna

Decadent chocolate cake, and how it suffers when you forget to butter the tin.  Oh well.  Glued it back together with ganache, flung some berries across the top and hoped for the best.

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AUG 13 @ 09:58

by marcedvr

Looks so yummyexclaim tongue wave

AUG 16 @ 01:32

by Luvmegrub

Anna, that looks fab and I know just what it tastes like!  I've pinched this recipe from you and now I make it for everybody's birthday cake.  I've got my daughter's 21st next month so I might have to make 2 smile

AUG 16 @ 13:20

by Anna

Remember to line the tin!  lol

AUG 19 @ 20:44

by SonomaEddie

Looks and sounds wonderful just the same.  Chocolate covers a multitude of culinary sins.

APR 09 @ 20:46

by @nGoose1

Sounds like the sort of thing I would do , looks yum yum, I am of to the chocolate supply!

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