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Ready, Set, Cook - Moroccan Lamb Stew

AUG 17 @ 10:40

by Luvmegrub

I took the easy way out for the Moroccan theme and used Jamie's recipe that sounded easy enough for me to handle.

I didn't use the neck fillets as I already had diced lamb leg.  I also added some chopped coriander roots to the marinade and mixed a tin of chick peas through the stew. 

The flavours are gorgeous but I was a bit disappointed with the gravy and would try to thicken it a bit next time.  Maybe that's how it's meant to be hmm  I like nice thick gravy in my stews and curries.

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AUG 17 @ 22:24

by frizz1974

Mee too LMG - thats what corn flour is for lol

Looks tasty thought.. well done!

AUG 19 @ 01:33

by JoyYamDaisy

It looks great! I bet the sauce was meant to be thicker, I have got recipes where it almost becomes a glaze.
Frizz you clearly aren't Moroccan! Cornflour! Goodness me!roll

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