Jamie Oliver

Pure Magnificence!!!

AUG 18 @ 05:13

by dmfootycoach

Yep! This is also my Avatar. This fellow I've seen for the past few years always after I fill my buck tag. This year a buddy and I invested in a trail cam and put it up. He is recognizeable to me by the c shaped scar by his front leg. I was so pleased to see him in velvet and still alive after the winter we've had here. I personally hope he will never be harvested and passes his genes onto his offspring. As I'm guesstimating hes around the 260 lb range. Slightly above average here.
I chose this to be my avatar as I love hunting deer and his stance is tall and proud and wild. Very much representing myself. But the flash in his eyes also represents a deer trapped in the headlights! Often how I feel on the forum when all of you talented folk are discussing foods I've never even heard of and am so desperate to try when I finally get up the nerve.
Thanks Danny for getting my Avatar done so quickly and theres your answer for my choice!
Cheers to all for putting up with me and enjoy the pic!thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup

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AUG 18 @ 05:31

by SonomaEddie

Thanks for joining the forums.  Your posts are always welcome as is your great friendship.

AUG 18 @ 07:54

by Luvmegrub

He is magnificent indeed thumbsup

AUG 18 @ 09:04

by madamada

magnifico and impressivethumbsupthumbsup keep posting and do not feel embarassed by recipes expertswinklol

AUG 19 @ 04:14

by dmfootycoach

yikesops: Aww shucks Eddie the pleasure is all mine. yikesops: Thanks to all for the compliments on my old friend.

AUG 19 @ 09:06

by Kiwi Kris

My word! He's a real BEAUTY, DM & a cool pic choice, for your avatar exclaim
Along with, Eddie, LMG, Mada & All - it's always a pleasure, to 'chat' with you, my friend! big_smile

AUG 23 @ 05:32

by Ashen

sweet picture DM... those trailcams are ammazing , a friend of mine showed me some pics of bears he got on his last fall.

OCT 02 @ 10:26

by Kiwi Kris

Hey DM - just wishing you good luck, for the opening of "Deer Season"!! :fingerscrossed: thumbsup 
(& to be fair -  good luck to "C-Scar", too!!)
Kris  smile

OCT 05 @ 05:11

by dmfootycoach

Don't worry KK he seems to be a heck of alot smarter than I. My fear is that the others will learn from him!wink

OCT 06 @ 06:51

by Kiwi Kris

C-Scar, sounds like he's 'King of the Deer' & will keep ya-on-your-toes too, DM! lol  wink
Cheers for your reply & take care! smile

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